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Single-chambered Bat Houses
Each bat house is individually handcrafted in Austin, Texas
Full, all-day sun is often successful in all but the hottest climates, and houses should be mounted, at minimum, 10 feet above ground. 
Austin Batworks Bat Houses are designed to maximize your success in attracting bats! We use specifications recommended by Bat Conservation International, and quality building materials, such as exterior grade (not pressure treated) 1/2" 4/5 ply BCX plywood. The inside panels are hand-routered and stained, making for an easy climb into the chamber, rather than painted, as the paint fills the grooves created by the router. We do not use any materials, such as screens or plastic mesh, that will deteriorate over time. All connecting surfaces are sealed tight with caulking then screwed together. The screws are countersunk and filled with wood filler so there are no visible screws, giving the house a clean, finished look. Outer surfaces are primed and then painted using two coats of exterior grade, water-based flat paint. We provide four colors to choose from, maximizing temperature efficiency and attracting bats with the goal of keeping them comfortable, whether they migrate or roost year-round. And, your purchase benefits Bat Conservation International!

For more information on helping to make your Batworks Bat House a success, please take a moment to check out these installation tips.

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amber leaf
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House Size
Small Single-chambered Bat House: 10 lbs., 17" x 27"
Large Single-chambered Bat House: 13.5 lbs., 25" x 27"
Call for reduced shipping rates in Austin: 512.861.8303
Three-chambered Bat Houses
The success of your bat house depends on a number of factors, including exterior color and sunlight exposure. Please use the map below as a guide for choosing your bat house color.

House Size
Four-chambered Bat Houses
(pictured above)
House Size
House Size
3-chambered Bat House: 19.5 lbs., 19" x 31" x 5"
4-chambered Bat House: 22.5 lbs., 19" x 31" x 6"

Bat Conservation International grants "Bat Approved" certification to builders whose bat houses have been evaluated and whose "design, materials, construction and instructions" meet quality standards. Most commercially-produced bat houses are not suitable for bats. Bat houses purchased from Austin Batworks will likely be used by bats when properly installed in a suitable location.
Our DIY Video: Learn to install your bat house on a wooden post
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